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Common Council Approves New Comprehensive Plan for City

The Common Council on Monday approved a new Comprehensive Plan, charting a vision for future growth and development in the city that will help guide priorities, strategies and policies in the years ahead. City officials are now working on amendments to the city’s Zoning Code, which will be a key part of implementing the Comprehensive Plan under the “PK4Keeps” initiative. The city intends to simplify and reduce the number of zoning districts and modernize the regulations to address development trends.

City officials created a Steering Committee including residents, businesses owners and civic leaders and held a series of open houses while crafting the comprehensive plan. As part of its work, the Steering Committee reached out to the community through a series of “kitchen table conservations” to ensure a variety of voices were heard throughout the process. The Common Council also held a public hearing on June 21 to receive public comment during their review.

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