The Northside Collaborative

Uniting for positive change

More than 20 nonprofits, educational institutions, and local governments have joined to form the Northside Collaborative, which is committed to improving quality of life and addressing environmental justice concerns in Poughkeepsie’s Northside neighborhood. The partnership focuses on addressing issues such as: affordable housing, job training, youth empowerment, fighting gun violence, community organizing, food justice, increasing education opportunities, social services, arts, and urban farming.

Northside Collaborative partnership committees:


Supporting public spaces that benefit the community

After hearing community feedback about the desire for a clean, safe and inclusive space at Pershing Avenue Park to enjoy the outdoors and gather for family and community events, a group of residents and local organizations came together to form the PARKnership. In addition to exploring ways to improve the park, it works collaboratively on projects that support the Northside neighborhood, youth engagement, and development. Central to its mission is keeping the community informed and active in all decisions.

The PARKnership is currently developing the Pershing Avenue Neighborhood Farm. A Community Garden offers a space for local residents to grow their own food, while an Urban Farm will provide produce for distribution within the community and offer training for youth.

Local residents are encouraged to join the PARKnership to help determine the future of Pershing Avenue Park.

Fall Kill Watershed Coalition

Committed to improving the health, safety, and appreciation of the creek through collaboration

The Fall Kill Watershed Coalition studies and shares information about this Hudson River tributary that impacts the lives of Northside residents as well as people living in the towns of Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, and Pleasant Valley. Its members — which includes colleges, local organizations, and concerned residents — conduct valuable research about the creek’s water quality and wildlife, while working to understand the waterway’s current and potential future impacts on the communities through which it flows, especially the Northside.

Driven by community feedback, the coalition is committed to providing opportunities for education and engagement, with the hope that residents living along the creek will become partners in protecting this important community asset. All are welcome to participate in cleanups, water-quality testing, and programs exploring threats to the Fall Kill’s watershed.