Scenic Hudson

Poughkeepsie is our hometown, too. Scenic Hudson has been based here for decades. Over that time, we’ve helped create new opportunities for city residents and visitors to connect with nature, the outdoors, and each other. We helped create and organize the Northside Collaborative — a collective of more than 20 local organizations — whose mission is to identify and address community needs while offering a support network to share resources and information.

We provided leadership and financial support to turn the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge into Walkway Over the Hudson and preserved Franny Reese State Park (just across the Mid-Hudson Bridge). In addition, we ensured permanent protection of the 200-acre Locust Grove Estate, just outside city limits; helped increase the size of Springside, whose woodland trails are a 30-minute walk from the Northside; and spearheaded efforts to turn a vacant lot on Main Street into a pocket park.

Part of Poughkeepsie for 20+ Years

Deepening our roots in Poughkeepsie — and deepening our commitment to being an active partner in reconnecting the city’s Northside neighborhoods — we’re now engaged in various initiatives that aim to strengthen people’s connection to the outdoors and to each other. All are based on meeting needs expressed by Northside residents, whose active participation will go hand in hand with collaboration with the city and the Northside Collaborative.

Uniting the Hudson Valley since 1963

Founded in 1963 to halt a destructive industrial project from defacing Storm King Mountain in the Hudson Highlands, Scenic Hudson works to sustain and enhance the Hudson Valley’s inspirational beauty and health for generations to come.

Motivated by the beautiful land and the extraordinary people of the region — and committed to ensuring that our work benefits people equitably — we use our decades of expertise in preservation, land use, citizen-based advocacy, and strategic planning to make the valley a better place to live, love, work, play, and create for everyone.