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Public Meeting on Mansion Street Bridge Project

The city will undertake a reconstruction project on the Mansion Street Bridge Over the Fall Kill Creek and will hold an information meeting and public hearing pursuant to the Eminent Domain Procedure Law at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, in the Common Council Chambers.

The $5,984,000 project seeks to address deficiencies with the bridge, with approximately 80 percent federal funding and 20 percent from the city.

The existing bridge, built in 1920, spans diagonally over the intersection between Mansion Street and Pershing Avenue, allowing the Fall Kill Creek to flow beneath the intersection. The eminent domain action involves the acquisition of real estate interests in six different parcels. The acquisitions include permanent easements, temporary easements and two fee takings (one of .009 acres and the second is .078 acres). 

Although the bridge is currently open and safe for legal traffic loads, the concrete arch superstructure shows signs of spalling and deterioration in several locations.

The bridge substructures have become exposed from stream flow and pose risks for scour and undermining. 

The existing safety rail systems on top of the bridge have broken off, and overgrowth has damaged the adjacent stream channel walls and wingwalls. Additionally, there have been reports of the stream overtopping the roadway and flooding the nearby property during significant rainfall events. Learn more here.

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