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Flower Power

Flower Power

If you’ve been past the intersection of Parker Avenue and Garden Street lately, you’ve probably wondered — and if you haven’t spotted it yet, you probably will. What’s that yellow all about?

The short answer is that this is a Community Garden mural. And the surprise is: You can be one of the artists, too! The public is invited to add their own flower drawings to this ongoing art project intended to brighten the community. It’s a temporary mural that will pop up in other surprise locations.

The hundreds of flower drawings featured in the mural were created by the public through various community events. It’s one of many collaborative public art projects conceived by social artist/activist ‘Uncle Riley.’

Since 2017, many Community Garden murals have been created throughout communities in the Hudson Valley and beyond. All the projects use a special color called International Optimism Yellow (or “INTO yellow”), created to inspire more optimism in the world. Over the years it has become a color that also represents mental health awareness.

The mural will grow with your participation. Come by anytime and add a flower drawing — it’s an art garden created by and for Poughkeepsie’s Northside.


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