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Meet the Curator Tour: Black Americans, Civil Rights, and the Roosevelts Exhibit

10:30 am
FDR Presidential Library & Museum

Join us in viewing the FDR Library’s special exhibit, Black Americans, Civil Rights, and the Roosevelts, with the Curator of the FDR Library’s Museum. The exhibit, “developed in collaboration with a distinguished committee of scholars, centers the historical voices of many Black community leaders, wartime service members, and ordinary citizens who engaged the Roosevelt administration directly and who pushed for progress. Within this context, the exhibit examines the political evolution of both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt regarding racial justice.”  Choose from one of two tour times: 10:30 AM or 2:30 PM. Each tour is the same. We will meet at the Henry A. Wallace Center. Registration required. CONTACT: Yvonne Laube  (845) 485-3445 x3382

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